Questions about Soundsational

Q. Do I have to audition for SoundSational?

A. You don’t need to audition, all you need to do is come along and find out if it's your thing. You have no obligation to come back again and become a member but we find that most people enjoy themselves and choose to keep returning. Feel free to visit the centre throughout the week and get a feel for the place before arriving on rehearsal night.

Q. Can I try out the choir before I decide to join?

A. Yes, infact your first night at the choir is exactly that. It lets you get a feel for the music, enjoy the atmosphere and get to know some of the SoundSational family before you decide if you want to join us permenatly. 

Q. How much does SoundSational cost?

A. At full price it costs £30 a month to join. We also offer a concession rate of £20 and other rates for families. The real costs to join is £50 but as we aim to make music accessible to all, every member at Soundsational is subsidised.

Q. How do I pay?

A. The best way is to set up a monthly standing order. It is easy to set-up and you can get the details from our centre. If this is not possible, we offer the option to pay in cash.

Q. Do we get to perform?

A. Every member of SoundSational has the opportunity to perform. We are a community choir so there is no obligation to always perform, but we encourage it when possible.

You’ll want to show off all your hard work. If we are performing in a small venue, we might form a smaller choir mainly consisting of section heads. We try hard to accommodate all members to fit their schedule.

 Q. Where do rehearsals take place?

 A. We have just moved into our brand new home in Bellshill. Our address is featured on our contact page. 

If you are thinking of coming along, send us a message on our facebook page (click here) so we know to be expecting you. 



Call us on 07595258587 (Jen Phee - Operations Manager) or 07807355323 (Tommy Chambers - Managing Director) for more information on what’s happening soon with our community choir.

You can also email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information on our events and facilities.

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    A wee personal thank you to the whole choir. I took my uncle tonight who was in a choir for years before he unfortunately took Alzheimer's Disease. Tonight was the best he's been in months, singing along with the music. You had me in floods of tears during Moon River and Caledonia... Roll on next year!!x
  • SoundSational!! still humming the tunes that these guys sung at our Big Lottery conference yesterday, so inspiring!

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